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  • "Apache Star" - World Record Speed Run - USA to Cuba - 110 miles in 90 minutes!
  • "Apache Star" - World Record Speed Run - USA to Cuba - 110 miles in 90 minutes!

John Pompi, Mechanical Engineer

John Pompi - Apache Poweboats

John Pompi, founder of Marine Performance Inc., has amassed more than 30 years of experience in the mechanical rigging of performance powerboats.
John and a partner established rigging and repair firm Total Performance in 1979.  In 1986, he established Marine Performance in south Florida, performing contract rigging work on a wide range of performance boats – including twin, triple and quad-engine boats with gas, diesel and turbine power.  His unique expertise led to John developing a unique client list that includes professional racers and military clients worldwide.  He started his remarkable career at the age of 15, working in North Miami with powerboat legends Don Aronow and Mark McManus.  Although still in vocational school where he was studying to be a mechanic, John began working at Cigarette in its early years, performing prep work on engines and preparing them for installation.

Crew Members

Roger Kluh - Apache Powerboats
Roger Kluh
Mark McManus - Apache Poweboats
Mark McManus
John Pompi - Apache Poweboats
John Pompi
Damien Sauvage - Apache Powerboats
Damien Sauvage