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Legendary Design. Trusted Performance.


Legendary Design. Trusted Performance.


Legendary Design. Trusted Performance.


Legendary Design. Trusted Performance.

Mark McManus - Owner of Apache Powerboats

Owner, Creator, and Legendary Boat Builder

  • Manufactured Over 600 Powerboats Through 40+ Years
  • Managed Production at Cigarette Racing Team, USA Racing Team, McManus Superboats, and Apache Powerboats
  • Pioneered the Use of Kevlar® Lamination in Powerboat Production.
  • Developed Boats for U.S. Customs, George H.W. Bush, Israeli Special Forces, Royal Oman Police, the King of Jordan, the King of Spain, Mario Andretti, Roger Penske and numerous high profile clients.
Roger Kluh and Mark McManus
Apache Powerboats - Apache 47 - "Patriot"
George H.W. Bush and Mark McManus

Proven Race History. Winner of multiple World Championships.

Service and Restoration available for all Makes and Models.


Slide to view the transformation of Ultimate Warrior into Ultimate Warrior II

Tsunami Restoration - Cabin

Structural + Cosmetic Upgrades

Tsunami Restoration - Dash

Instrument + Electronic Upgrades

Fuel System + Propulsion System Upgrades

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“Incredible what an APACHE is capable of”

Craig Miller

“Mark’s Apaches are as Iconic as the invention of the Canoe and the Tomahawk!  Pieces of Art with the Quality of a Swiss Watch!”

Thomas Schmutz

“What a pleasure to meet the man, thank you Mark McManus”

Mike Smith

“Apache is a wave smashing beast…. ”

Jonas Soder Eklund

“Sweeeet ….I love those boats”

Scott Lohss

” Makes my blood boil!!  Love those Apache boats.  My all time fav.”

Jeff Wrona

“Race hatches look like coffins for the competition.”

Christopher C. Meara
“Fabulous, you can’t beat a mono hull.”
David Martin
“Awesome looking boat.”
Rick Ostler
“Very very very very very very very very very nice boat”
Neil Brennan
“It’s the best boat out there bottom line get you some Apache”
David Harris

“These boats look so awesome ripping through the waters.”

Todd Harris
“What I would give to own that boat.”
Justin Blasko

“Looks like it’s going 100 miles per hour standing still…….. awesome”

Stephan Giamatt

“There’s going fast and then there’s going fast in a boat. It is as awesome as you’d think it would be.”

Bruce Kemper

“Skaters skate, Apaches fly!!”

Debbi Ferrentino

“My wife fell in love with the boat the first time she saw it. The artwork blew her mind it became her dream boat.”

Mike Bognar

“Nothing better than watching Apaches run in rough water… except possibly riding in one!!!!”

Joshua Higgins

“Best powerboats going in my opinion. Super fast hull!”

Alexander W. Inglis
“Love the colors. Awesome boat!”
Kevin Henderson
“I think about a 47′ Apache almost every day of my life since i have been 8 yrs old and was in 2 of them. I would give up everything right now to be a crew member in one of those boats every race.”
Dale Karavangelos
“Not difficult to have that Apache on your wish list.”
Chuck Barto
“Apache, that thing is a beast, eats those rollers and doesn’t even slow down.”
Andy Davis
“47 Apache – Best rough water boat EVER!”
Captain Greg Olsen
“This is another work of art by Mark McManus. Just by the look and the ride it is worth every penny.”
John Bell Fries
“Nobody builds a better boat than Mark McManus. HIS BOATS ARE WORTH DOLLAR! !”
Daniel Fitzgerald
“Apache is the most secure boat manufactured. Custom details throughout the building process! Quality and beauty unmatched!”
Patricia Wipf

“Some of the strongest hulls I’ve ever seen. Love those old school Apaches.”

Mitch Beller
“APACHE POWERBOATS – the best rough water vee hull ever built.”
Steve Wilson
“…there ain’t nothing like an Apache 41!!”
Christian Toll

Each Apache Powerboat is built to be a winning example of technology and craftsmanship.

Bring your vision to life with a Custom Powerboat.  Every Apache Powerboat is a unique work of art built exclusively for the client.

Crafted from our signature Kevlar® and carbon fiber composite, Apache Powerboats will stand up to adverse sea conditions for decades, providing an unrivaled hull lifespan.

All boats are built to exceed the highest standards of U.S. and European Coast Guard requirements.