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Apache 36′
Crazy Thunder

The Apache 36′ ‘Crazy Thunder’

The Apache 36′ Crazy Thunder is now available for purchase! This Apache has been completely rebuilt and reimagined by the legendary boat builder, Mark McManus. Mark initially crafted the mold for this Apache’s hull back in the late 80s. Now, he has elevated Crazy Thunder to meet the iconic McManus standard of boat building. This Apache was stripped to bare hull & deck before being remanufactured with the highest quality materials, transom, stringers, fuel tanks and technology available.

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100% Restoration by Mark McManus completed September 2023

Length: 36 Feet

Year Built: 1998

Fuel Tanks: 275 Gallon Fuel, 3 Tanks

Engine Hours:
Starboard: 75 Hours
Port: 62 Hours

Key Features:

🔹 Custom One-of-a-Kind Consoles: Experience a cockpit designed with precision, ensuring every control is within reach, wrapped in luxury.

🔹 Latham Hydraulic Steering: Navigate the waters with unparalleled ease, ensuring every turn is smooth and responsive.

🔹 Garmin GPS Map 8612: Chart your course with state-of-the-art navigation, ensuring you’re always on the right path.

🔹 Custom Aluminum Swim Platform: Dive into the waters or simply relax, with a platform built for both utility and aesthetics.

🔹 Unique Cockpit Design: Step into a space that’s both functional and luxurious, adorned with brand-new custom embroidered interiors that tell a tale of opulence.

🔹 Triple Fuel Reservoir: With 3 fuel tanks holding a combined 275 gallons, your adventures on the sea are boundless.

🔹 Twin Mercury Racing 700HP SCI Engines: Feel the roar of power with engines that have been maintained to perfection, boasting limited hours, ensuring reliability and unmatched performance.



Historical Significance: This 1998 original Apache 36′ hull mold was built by Mark McManus, it’s a classic that is now reborn.

Luxury: Crazy Thunder has been perfectly rebalanced for a smooth ride in even the roughest waters. Additional fuel capacity added, extending the range so you can spend more time on the water and less time at the dock.

Completely Remanufactured: Every inch revived by Mark McManus, ensuring a seamless blend of history and modern luxury. McManus stripped this boat down to the hull and then rebuilt it as a new and improved Apache, elevating it to the McManus standard.

Unparalleled Features: Including custom consoles, Latham Hydraulic Steering, and the state-of-the-art Garmin GPS Map 8612 you will not find any boat like it, every element is one-of-a-kind, crafting a vessel as distinctive as its future captain.

Power & Precision: An unparalleled offshore ride in comfort with dependable Mercury Racing 700HP SCI Engines with minimal hours on the motors, offering a ride that’s both smooth and powerful.

Your Exclusive Opportunity

Invest in a piece of offshore history with the Apache 36′ Crazy Thunder, creating a legacy to be shared and cherished by your family for generations.

Over 2,500 hours of labor went into this Apache 36′ making it a true masterpiece. Experience a reborn classic; contact us to discover more.

📞 Act Now: Reach out to us at or call us directly at 239.454.1114 for exclusive details.

Testimonials & Reviews:

Owning an Apache restored by Mark McManus is a testament to maritime excellence. Mark doesn’t just rebuild; he revives, intertwining rich history with modern luxury in every vessel. His passion and unparalleled knowledge shine in every interaction, always ready to share a story or lend a helping hand. It’s more than owning a boat; it’s being part of a cherished legacy with the entire Apache team as your ever-supportive guide.

Joe G, Apache 28'

Mark is synonymous with the Apache legacy. His restorations are not just about maintaining a boat; they’re about preserving a story, a history, and doing so with an unmatched level of expertise and care. Every question I’ve had, every tiny detail I’ve been curious about, Mark has been there with a wealth of knowledge and a readiness to assist. Owning an Apache restored by him is to be part of a cherished, well-maintained legacy.

Nic C., Apache 36'

Every detail, every stitch, speaks volumes of a craftsmanship that only Mark can infuse. His restorations are not just about navigating the waters; they’re about navigating through a rich tapestry of history, luxury, and unmatched power. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a vessel where every ride is a luxurious journey through time, where every turn is a testament to precision and every moment on board is sheer perfection, then only an Apache touched by Mark’s genius will suffice. His ongoing support and wealth of knowledge make the journey all the more special. Don’t just buy a boat; invest in a McManus Apache and sail through a legacy of maritime excellence.

Tom, Apache 37'


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APB Crazy Thunder For Sale
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APB Crazy Thunder For Sale