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The philosophy of performance and craftsmanship is directly applied to the latest offering of Apache Powerboats®.

By no definition are McManus built Apache Boats mass produced.

Instead, a limited duplicative production of hull designs will be fabricated to maximum construction techniques and overall quality.

Customers then have the opportunity to outfit their hulls with a nearly endless list of options, finishing with the powertrain, navigation systems and interior appointments to suit their every want and need.

Whether a boat is headed for contention on the Poker Run Circuit or your favorite cruising or fishing waters as a weekend warrior, each McManus built Apache is constructed to be a winning example of technology and craftsmanship.  As with each boat produced by McManus, safety and stability are primary concerns.  All boats are built to exceed the highest standards of U.S. and European Coast Guard requirements.

Each McManus Apache is capable of withstanding the most punishing offshore conditions.

Mark McManus, Apache Powerboats and USA Racing Team also provides custom manufactured, maintenance, repair and restoration of boats.

Mark McManus, President of Apache Powerboats, has personally played a significant role in writing powerboat history.

He is a Respected Master in the design and manufacturing of high-performance offshore boats ranging from 20 to 65 feet in length.

Throughout his career he has manufactured in excess of 600 offshore boats.  He has been widely recognized by boating industry leaders for his numerous design innovations.

He was the first to successfully use Kevlar® and carbon fiber in his hull designs to enhance the safety and durability of high-performance boats.  Anodized, polished, laser engraved aluminum, padded dashes, centerline steering, staggered engines and theme boats with innovative graphics are all features that McManus developed and introduced into the boating industry.  Today, these upgraded features can be found throughout the high-performance boating industry.

The engineering specifications of the McManus and Apache® designs are the results of McManus’ vast knowledge and experience of forty years.

Using ballistics-grade Kevlar49 and pure 100% carbon fiber to his design specifications, along with hand-laid laminates, and military grade resins, every McManus built boat is precisely constructed to execute solid performance in the most adverse sea conditions.

Precise alignment, balance and weight distribution of internal components create a vibration free performance, offering a stable and secure ride while attaining the fastest average speeds.

McManus hulls are known to last 30-plus yearsunheard of in a high-performance boat designed for rough offshore seas.

The hull lifespan, safety record, and unmatched quality command a higher resale value than any other 40’ high-performance deep-vee in the market today.

McManus has restored half of the Apache® boats he originally built in the ‘80s and early ‘90s.  These were refurbished, not reconstructed, meaning the hulls were still in perfect condition; the new owners were interested in updating the look of the boats.

Every boat is created to the client’s specifications, and each is a showpiece of exquisite quality, power, and offshore performance.  Hand-painted artwork, graphics, instrumentation, and cockpit designs are as unique as the owners.

McManus’ powerboats continue to rewrite powerboat history with their fit, finish, and ability to dominate and deliver in offshore waters at excessive speeds. One aspect about our new and refurbished boats: when you see the project; you will remember the boat and its unique features for a long time!


Clients have the option to choose MerCruiser® or custom built, color coordinated engines to conquer the roughest seas.

Our hull laminates and hull balance allow for the fastest speeds in rough sea conditions!

Precise alignment, balance and weight distribution creates a vibration free performance boat in all sea conditions.

McManus Firsts

  • Center Steering Position
  • Pad-bottom prototype and testing
  • Twin engine 18″ stagger with shortened offset
  • Theme boats wtih innovative graphics
  • Seated driving position for V-Bottom class racing
  • DuPont ChomaLusion/reflective flip paint
  • Canopy covered sit-down cockpit for V_Bottom class racing
  • Performance enhancing 22″ staggered engine offset
  • Awlgrip sprayed engine rooms
  • Step notch transoms
  • Padded dashboards with polished, laser engraved aluminum gauge panels
  • Ballistics-grade Kevlar 49 with 100% Carbon fiber in marine lamination
  • Stable catamaran design for law enforcement
  • Painted outdrives and transom plates