Below is a listing of Apache's® stand-up models. Click on the model to view features and specifications as well as additional information. Apache® also offers center console and sit-down models.
38' Falcon
Falcons are strong, fast fliers with great agility, and the Apache® Falcon is no exception! The Apache® Falcon is offered with twin staggered engines with a 5-occupant stand-up cockpit and a half cabin which includes a galley. The higher freeboard allows the Apache® Falcon to span the waves for a faster average speed in adverse sea conditions. The unique transparent engine hatch displays our meticulous attention to detail and thousands of horsepower at your fingertips. With many of the same winning design components found in our World Champion 41’ and 47’ Apaches®, the Apache® Falcon is the perfect day boat for an offshore adventure..
42' Renegade
Drawing from our heritage from one of the most famous designs in offshore history, the 41’ Apache® has been recreated into the all-new 42’ Apache® Renegade. The stand-up 5-person cockpit and staggered engines allow high-speed acceleration through adverse sea conditions. The Apache® Renegade has a centerline helm position and a choice of engine hatch configurations. With a full cabin, the Apache® Renegade is a very versatile boat, perfect for overnight excursions, winning poker hands and island hopping. A variety of engine options can easily propel the Renegade into triple digit speeds. The Kevlar and carbon laminates assure a safe, secure ride in a 10+ year lifespan through thousands of miles of adventures.
47' Longbow
If you’re into rapid transport, then the Longbow is the weapon to use. The Apache® Longbow‘s hull design is the product of three offshore world championships. With triple engines, the 5-occupant Longbow is assured of triple digit speeds and the ability to span “big waves” at high speeds. Yet, because of its speed and length, the Apache® Longbow offers a smooth stable ride. While you’re waiting for your friends to arrive, freshen up in the Apache® Longbow’s luxurious cabin.

50' Shaman
The 50’ Apache® Shaman is the largest, most powerful and most elegant Apache® ever offered. It seems supernatural in the way it transforms the harshest offshore environment into a pleasurable experience, offering a stable and secure ride through even the roughest sea conditions. It features stand-up or sit-down flexibility for an amazing 9 occupants, including an elegant cabin arrangement with a full galley, enclosed head, various entertainment options and v-berth. Whether you are cruising the Keys or the Mediterranean, the Shaman is the tribal leader of Apache® Powerboats and, like all McManus creations, it can’t be duplicated.


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