Below is a listing of Apache’s® sit-down models. Click on the model to view features and specifications as well as additional information. Apache® also offers center console and stand-up models.
30' Rebel
The Apache® 30’ Rebel refuses to be categorized! Its transparent engine hatch is unlike anything else on the water, unprecedented in the high-performance boating industry. This peerless style is the introductory Apache®, offering fuel economy and performance with a twin engine configuration. The performance-oriented, 5-occupant Apache® Rebel boasts many of the same features that larger Apache® Powerboats offer, yet at an introductory price. The Apache® Rebel keeps you in control in your offshore environment, an aspect not usually found in the 30’ class of boats.
38' Eagle
The Apache® Eagle is a 5-occupant, sit-down, sleek low-profile bird of prey. Its low profile means quicker acceleration, dependability and less engine stress when soaring above the high seas. The Apache® Eagle’s 225 –gallon fuel capacity and twin staggered engines make this the perfect day boat. With its rough water capability, this is an Eagle with an attitude! Caution: The transparent engine hatch alerts your competition that this boat is no sleeper!
42' Diablo
With its covert profile, the 42’ Diablo is the perfect blend of aggressive style and performance unlike anything else on the water. Diablo’s 5 occupants ride in complete air-conditioned comfort or enjoy the ultimate sunning experience simply by sliding the canopy open. With its futuristic V-tails and transparent hatch, the Diablo is a complete, unique exotic boating adventure. Like most Apache® products, the Diablo has no competitors!
42' Raider
The 42’ Raider is a 5-person, sit-down model delivering a powerful performance statement. The Raider’s V-tails allow you to fly over the seas in adverse sea conditions. Its low profile offers less wind resistance and its sit-down cockpit offers a more comfortable ride without compromising speed. With a variety of exotic hatch configurations including a sun pad, a transparent hatch or a combination of both, your Apache® Raider is limited only by your imagination. You are ahead of the competition while still tied up at the dock!
47' Tomahawk
The Apache® Tomahawk is your ultimate rough water weapon and the product of three (3) offshore world championships. The Apache® Tomahawk is a sit-down, 5-occupant low profile machine designed to get down to business quickly. Its shallow profile enables high-speed cruising with minimum resistance, giving you the fastest average speed in rough water conditions. The Apache® Tomahawk also offers a variety of engine hatch configurations. The Apache® Tomahawk will be your weapon of choice to eliminate your competition.



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